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TW1000 TACTICAL Pepper-Gel, Super Garant 45 ml

Professional pepper spray with 360° Allround® spraying technology
Professional users who have to make split-second decisions must rely on their instincts and the quality of the product they are using. Keep yourself safe with the professional pepper spray TW1000 Tactical Pepper-Gel Super-Garant Professional. The highly functional professional spray is suitable for all missions, where maximum comfort and maximum performance are important. A solid stainless-steel clip ensures a sturdy attachment to the belt and guarantees a constant readiness for use. The robust case is equipped with an exklusive anti-slip coating and fits perfectly in the hand.

Spraying in any position 360°
This pepper spray is equipped with a special technology, which allows spraying in any position, even upside down.

UV dye
The included UV dye allows marking and identification and can be made visible with a special UV lamp even long after use.

Non-flammable spraying solution
This pepper spray contains a specially developed non-flammable spraying solution for your safety, which is also stun gun safe.

Replaceable cartridge
The irritant spray device contains a replaceable cartridge. An exchange safeguard ensures that the cartridge secured at the right position. Nevertheless, a very fast exchange of the cartridge is possible.

Stainless steel clip
Thanks to the solid stainless steel clip, the device can be worn without an additional holster. The clip is permanently secured in the unit. If the user is left-handed, the clip can be moved to the other side of the housing.

Mounting eye
The professional unit is equipped with a convenient mounting eye to which a loss prevention device, such as the TW1000 Gearkeeper, can be attached.

Equipped with a high-quality flip-top safety mechanism
The pepper spray is equipped with a high-quality flip top safety-mechanism, which prevents accidental triggering of the spray: thanks to its intelligent spring-supported folding lid, the spray head is protected against accidental activation. When pressing the release button, slide the lid up with your thumb. The lid then automatically flips down again. Additionally, the special-shape protects the user from accidental self-contamination.

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