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BREDA B12i Competion/Tactical Shotgun
 B12i Competition Shotgun  was purpose designed for 3Gun/Multigun Competitions.  Made in Italy the B12i is the highest quality shotgun made for Competition shooting. Packed full of features including the proven inertia system, the B12i is the best Competition shotgun on the market today. 

Functioning: Semiautomatic shotgun inertia system By Rotating locking head
Gauge: 12 gauge Chamber 3 inch 
Stock and fore-end: Synthetic stock and forearm with ensure grip coating  
Receiver:  Made of ergal,7axis cnc machined; made in one piece.  
Enlarged loading port for faster reloading
Lifter: designed & tuned to match loading port
Large bolt release button for Competition/Tactical 
Extended charging handle for Competition/Tactical 
Colors: Black matte with Green inlays.  
Safety: Transverse botton behind the trigger with red "ready to shoot" signal
Trigger: Hand tuned, smooth & crisp 
Trigger Guard: Polymeric trigger guard
Recoil Pad: High density pad made by Cervellati
Magazine: 8+1 rounds
Barrel lenght available: 28
Sights: Fiber Optic front sight

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